OppAttune (2023-2026)

OppAttune: Countering Oppositional Political Extremism through Attuned Dialogue: Track, Attune, Limit

OppAttune brings together an ambitious multi-disciplinary team of academics and practitioners to examine the evolution of political extremism and its influence on social and political dialogue with the aim to track, attune and limit the spread of oppositional extreme narratives.

The three objectives of the project are defined as follows:

To track the evolution of extreme political narratives within media, local ecologies and living democracies and establish the psychological, sociological and anthropological drivers of extremism. To attune capacity for public dialogue by modelling how the evolution of extreme political narratives impact social and political dialogue. To limit the rise of extreme political narratives and their potential to become violent political transformations disrupting democratic processes such as democratic elections.

OppAttune Inception Meeting, Panteion University, Athens, April 2023