Social Psychology

2018-2019: Lecturer on BSc course Introduction to Social Psychology.
2018-2019: Lecturer on MSc course in Contemporary Social and Cultural Psychology as well as Guest lecturer on MSc course on Social Representations, lecturing on: 1) Identities: Representing self and other; 2) Alternative representations and engaging with the ‘other’.

My teaching within the field of social and cultural psychology offers both breadth and depth of topics. As a lecturer on an undergraduate introductory course to Social Psychology, I have taught Leadership, Group dynamics and teams andLove, Romance and Close Relationships. More in-depth teaching on an MSc level has focused primarily on self-other dynamics in relation to representations of difference, identities and identification as well as engaging in taking the perspective of relevant others, on key issues of concern but also on oneself. Specifically, my teaching covers the theoretical and empirical work within social representations theory and social identity theory, exploring the ways in which our understanding of who we are, and what makes us different from others, occurs in an inherently social context. Who we are, our identity and sense of belonging in the world does not exist in isolation from relevant others. I also teach on the role of recognition in social interactions and dialogues, and how agency and power can become challenged when mis-or non-recognition occurs in interpersonal and intergroup contexts.