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Political Psychology

2018-2020: Teacher on MSc course in Political Psychology at the London School of Economics (LSE) As a lecturer and seminar leader in Political Psychology at the LSE, the topics I teachRead More

Human communication

2018-2020: Lecturer on MSc courses in Social and Public Communication as well as Social and Cultural Psychology, lecturing on 1) intersubjectivity, 2) thought and language, and 3) constraints on human communicationRead More

How National Identity Influences Support for EU Integration

“This topic can perhaps best be summarized by a quote from one of my participants who said, ‘We are striving towards joining the EU and we’re praying to God that we never join the EU.’ This seemingly contradictory statement highlights the tension that individuals and groups experience as they try to reconcile change with continuity,” explains Sandra.

Academic careers in Academia

Even thinking about your career is a job in itself. While studying at the LSE, students are encouraged to think about and plan what they will do once they have graduated,Read More

Qualitative Methods

2019: Course convenor for Qualitative Data Analysis in the Department of Psychological and Applied Language Sciences, University College London (UCL) 2019: Guest lecture on ‘Quality in Qualitative Research’ for PB411: ResearchRead More

Social Psychology

2018-2019: Lecturer on BSc course Introduction to Social Psychology.2018-2019: Lecturer on MSc course in Contemporary Social and Cultural Psychology as well as Guest lecturer on MSc course on Social Representations, lecturingRead More